Sustainable Cannabis Growers to Watch

 by GEORGE GOTT 6 months ago in CULTURE

Sustainable cannabis growers are doing their part to "Go Green."

Don't Panic It's Organic

A real fear for many is the catastrophic scenario –our ocean levels rising, plants and animals dying off– all attributed to global warming. One of the first steps to fight global warming is to become more ecologically sustainable. Sustainability in agriculture is defined as the ability to maintain a balance of our ecosystem and how humans impact the environment. Cannabis growers are on the front lines of the sustainability movement. Many sustainable cannabis growers are members of the 'Agriculture Green Movement' aiming to cut down on carbon footprints. These growers are striving to preserve natural ecological processes, functions, biodiversity while using man made technology, aiming to do less harm to our Earth. True cannabis connoisseurs understand the importance of keeping things natural, particularly the plant they love so much. Just like the consumers of cannabis, these growers understand the importance of keeping things natural as well, which is why they are making strides to make cannabis cultivation more ecologically friendly. By reducing manmade carbon footprints cannabis growers are going green.

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